The 30 best cities in England | The Tower Bridge to The Westminster Abbey


London is a city with an artistic and modern vibe. Last day we visited London tube, Madame Tussaud Museum and some other places, Before starting part: 03 of my The 30 Best Cities in England | The Tower Bridge and Westminster Abbey you may enjoy the previous Part.

A childhood memory with Harry Potter and Sherlock Holmes is remind all day long. We were laughing our hearts out to Mr. Bean. We will explore London from a new angle and travel across the Thames river, take joy riding on the bus and reminisce sweet memories at platform 9 ¾. We will spend the night at Piccadilly. Shake up at London Dungeon. We will know about the facts from past and present. 

Crossing the Golden Jubilee Bridge

The underground Rail Network crisscrosses the city. Wherever you go, you will find a nearby underground station most of the time. Google Maps is very helpful here. After visiting Madame Tussauds, and the tower bridge, I took a walk on the golden jubilee bridge in the rain to reach the London Eye. The other name of Golden Jubilee bridge is The Hungerford Bridge. It crosses the River Thames in London and lies between Waterloo Bridge and Westminster Bridge. After listening to live music, I experienced the city from the top.

Golden Jubilee Bridge

The Tower Bridge London

Our today’s story starts from the Tower Bridge London sidewalk in the Southward district. The bank of the Thames River and the downtown area remain on my itinerary. It’s nice to take a stroll along the illuminated river bank. Many historical cities have thrived around river bodies. I’m from Dhaka, which also is located by the river BuriGanga. The Thames was heavily polluted just about 200 to 400 years ago, but looks pretty clean now. One of the main attractions here is the ivy tower bridge. It’s a full bar & large terrace with river views.

Tower Bridge London

What’s special about London is that it’s a mere three sq. km. The central area manages nearly the entire economic activities of the whole city. Another interesting fact is, more US dollars are trade here than in the US. About 3.7 trillion dollars worth of currency is trade here every day. London’s financial center still ranks at 1st or 2nd place in the world. One of every 14 residents works in the financial sector. So they have good financial stability. 

You can enjoy the spectacular downtown from the top of the SHARD. It looks beautiful. The next day, I left south Woodford station on the central line to interchange at the Liverpool Street underground station. Then I will take the Hammersmith and Cityline to reach Kings Cross station. You can probably guess my destination. 

Platform 9 ¾ or Platform 9 3 4.

Reminiscing from the past, many of them were teenagers like me, who explored the platform 9 ¾. When J.K. Rowling wrote the first Harry Potter book, he mistakenly imagined some London East End Station images and wrote about Kings Cross Station. Later, the shooting of the movie took place at Kings Cross Station. The station has served as a gateway to London since 1852. Following the huge popularity of the Harry Potter series, a Harry Potter store has opened here. Inside which there is always an overflowing crowd. After paying the money inside, I stood in line outside and took a picture of entering the vanishing wall. Here it costs about 15 pounds. 

Platform 9 ¾

Once you get inside, you will see many small gift items starting from sweaters, clothes, mufflers, notebooks, books, and sheets. Product items are ranging from 2/4 pounds to 200 pounds. If you want, you can write an invitation card for yourself from Hogwarts. The biggest attraction of the next room is a small wand shop. You will get the Wants of Favorite characters, each priced above 30 pounds. Then I saw the Elder Wand holding my hand. Harry Potter lovers will know it very well. After that, I saw the famous Harry Potter Fetal Wand in my hand. It is 11 inches long. For 10 years in a row, the story of Harry Potter has fascinated the whole world. In London, you can relive those memories. The Platform 9 3 4 sign is memorable. You will find different memories in different signs. Most of them are about Harry Potter. 

The Regents Park London

London Regent’s Park is next to Baker Street. Sherlock Holmes and Madame Tussauds museums along Baker Street. London Central Mosque in the west corner of Regent’s Park. Lord’s Cricket Ground next to the mosque. On the other side is the London Zoo. This means that there is an opportunity to see many things together in this one area. I finished my Friday prayers at London Central Mosque and left. Regent street restaurants and street foods are one of the most delicious attractions here. It would be best if you tried some.

Regents Park London

After the prayers, I went for a walk at Regent’s Park. Md. In seven hundred and fifty days in Britain, “British not only practiced their health and empire but also made many arrangements for the satisfaction of nature.” When I look at the ground, I can see flowers there too. Great Britain has 84 million trees for a population of about 94 million. The number of these trees is increasing every year. There are about 3 lakh gardens here in a private and public effort to experience nature. That is why the whole of London is a park. Whenever you visit London, if you like cool green gardens, visit one of the nearby gardens. I believe you will have a wonderful feeling here. 

The Big Bus Tour Service

Yesterday I bought a package of Madame Tussauds + London Eye + London Dungeons + Big Bus Tour = 55 pounds. You must remember that. Today, I am taking the Big Bus Tour service as part of that package. Big bus tours are very time and cost-effective for tourists. The journey started along Blue Road. This big bus stops at various places of interest in London for a while. It takes a while for the buses to fill up. As soon as one bus is full, another bus arrives. You can use the package ticket any day for up to six months after purchase. The bus left after it was full of passengers, and we continued along Regent Street. In 1825, the development of this city began. However, after almost 100 years, all the old installations have been demolished and given a present look.

Regent Street has been a popular shopping street in London for over two centuries. We just crossed Oxford Circus on Regent Street. Then I arrived at the Piccadilly Circus. Here you will find Hop-Hop bus tickets. In the Monopoly game, you will see the names of the squares of London. London is but a medieval city. Thousands of small path ghats will remind you of many stories of the old days. Then you will see Nelson Column, National Gallery. The name of this whole square is Travers Square. 

Moving forward towards Parliament Street

Moving forward towards 100 Parliament Street, you will see most of the administrative buildings in the United Kingdom here. The King’s palace was here 500 years ago. However, it was taken to Birmingham Palace after the fire broke out. Normally, It’s a huge extensive premise of multiple offices. In some of the places, the general public can not get access. Most of the time, it is because of security reasons.

Parliament Street

The Westminster Abbey and the Tombs

After crossing Parliament Street, I moved to the Westminster area. Meanwhile, there is Westminster Abbey and the Palace of Westminster. Everything has been reformed for many years now. Starting from a thousand years ago, the reign has been going on from this palace for centuries. However, after hundreds of years, new buildings have been renovated. But all the Westminster Abbey tombs are the witness of their 1000 years old history. The building we have today was built just 200 years ago. But inside, there is a thousand-year-old gallery.

The Elizabeth Tower attached to the building is known to many as Big Ben. Originally Big Ben was the name of one of the most interesting watch clocks in the world. In this Palace of Westminster, the aristocracy forced the emperor to form a parliament about 800 years ago. From there, voting for meritorious people was introduced before any decision was taken to make him king. But today, it is the British Parliament. 

Then I got off the bus at a station next to the London Eye. You can buy bus tickets here from Golden Tours if you want. Bus tickets cost a lot when traveling to London. So it is wise to choose an affordable package for travel. You can also buy in London. 

Westminster Abbey

This time I have come to the London Dungeons next to London. Its location is inside the Country Hall. Here are some of the most horrific true events of the millennium and some of the exaggerated myths. But humor is associated with fear here. Here you will find the infamous serial killer Jack the Ripper. Some rides will give you the feeling of being thrown from a high place. The demons will be introduced. A little bit of sudden fear will be shown. You will not be able to capture any videos in the main show.

Riding the River Cruise on the River Thames

After spending some time in the Westminster area, I took a ride on a river cruise on the River Thames. It was also included in the 55 pounds package that I previously purchased. I would have weighed approximately 13 pounds if I had booked this River Cruise ticket separately. You also can check the Thames river cruise holidays package for more details. It will give you a 40-minute ride. On a rainy afternoon, we set off on a cruise from Westminster to the Tower Bridge area. Cruise terminals are on both sides of the river. So it picks up passengers from both sides and then heads towards the destination. At the same time, they are introducing us to various installations in the vicinity. Thames river cruise holidays

River Cruise on the River Thames

I spent the last part of the afternoon at the Trainee Duke Garden. Then from here, I will take the tube to Piccadilly. Piccadilly Circus has been one of the busiest hubs in London for two centuries. It is famous for shopping, industry, entertainment, and neon lighting. This London is a unique blend of history and modernity.

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