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In my England Travel Series, I will show you more than 30 cities. I will show you more about every road, popular place, heritage place, life, and society of the people there, food, visa process, cost, etc. It’s a complete England Travel Guide

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History of the birth of England

The history of the birth of England is a long story. Let me write a little to let you know. The United Kingdom, Known by many as Britain. It is an island nation that consists of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. But once this small map led the world. Because Intelligence and scientific innovations modernized the world, they led the Industrial and Technological revolutions. They forged many bonds and disunions at the peak of power to manage the world’s largest Empire. Surrounded by many controversies of reigning and dictating, I travel to this land in the Quest of history and nature. You will find many beautiful world heritage sites in the UK. Almost 33 UNESCO world heritage sites are there in the UK.

Today, we will spend a beautiful time surrounded by the English countryside in Kent and enjoy the Historical European ambiance. We will also know about how to travel to England from Dhaka.

UK Trip Plan for English Heritage

This 5 part article will explore English Heritage in London and spend a lovely day in Scotland. So stay with us and visit the website daily. Where I will tell you, how to plan a trip to UK, in a short time I will be able to visit all the places.

So, as always, my journey began before Covid-19 arrived on Earth. When the world came to a standstill a year and a half ago, From there, I am presenting today’s article in the hope of returning to regular healthy travel in the future.

We had booked Our ticket from Turkish Airlines. My father and one of his colleagues are traveling with us. We have Our one-day meeting in Istanbul for official work, and then I will go to England. We reached Istanbul Airport after finishing all the official work. I was delighted to see the glitter of the terminal, the most extensive single roof in the world. But as always, the hassle of paying visa payments only via credit cards here is very annoying. After finishing all the work at the airport, we are ready to fly.

UK VISA Process

This time I will talk about the UK visa system. VFS.GLOBAL services are required to travel to the UK. They are the official agents for visa processing of this country for most parts of the world. 

However, For Europe, Africa, Middle East, not VFS but TRS is most applicable. Visa Immigration needs to apply at the UK website. The entire application takes a long time to apply online. The application asks you about Personal Family Information, Financial Prosperity Assets Account Details, Each country whose visas you have revoked in the last ten years. And Also need annual income, and how much you want to spend on travel to the UK. 

Once the online application is over, you have to make an appointment as per the 3rd date of VFS. You can reschedule the meeting if you want. In that case, you have to pay USD 135 and a minimum six months tourist visa and some service charges of VFS. VFS comes with some unique features to submit applications and expedite work. You can visit the website to know the details and the type of service. On the day of the appointment, they will take your biometric fingerprint and your picture. You may also encounter some verbal questions. Under the premium lounge, they will give you an exceptional facility with tea and snacks, which will cost you an extra USD 70 per person at present. 

It will take about a month for the visa to come, but if you get an urgent VISA, you can get it in a week. At the time I took the urgent VISA, the cost of the service was USD 450. However, this time we will know about the rules regarding Covid-19.

Whether you travel from the Red Zone, Green Zone, or any other country, you need to show Covid Negative Report within 72 hours before leaving the flight. Remember, The report must be in English, Spanish or French. You will get all details about the UK tourist visa on VFS. GLOBAL’s official website.

In addition, within 48 hours of departure, you will need to arrive in the UK with a Covid update, the quarantine booking invoice number, and flight information. Including different details on the last ten days, fill in the passenger locket form and take it with you. Otherwise, you can’t get on the flight. Note that under the current rules of UK travel, 1 to 10 days depends on which country you were on the red-green or amber list whether you could enter the UK. Different restrictions apply to various countries in various countries on the red, green, or amber list. There is enough information on the UK government website. So be sure to read these rules thoroughly before moving to the UK. Anyway, we are now going back to the main journey, starting from Istanbul, Turkey.

After staying in Istanbul, we left for London. Luckily there were no such strict rules at that time. We arrived in London on a 4-hour flight. Those who are transiting at Istanbul Airport will be aware of time because there is some disgrace of negligence in the service of Turkish Airlines. Six significant airports serve London, but only a handful of airports in the United Kingdom are available during the Corona period. So, Of course, after seeing the list of airports, you will buy a ticket. 

After landing at the airport, you have to fill in the landing card first. However, in the covid period, there may be additional rules and regulations. After the immigration, you will get the SIM card change with the ATM after the baggage section. What I like is the EE sim card, but you can also use a Lebara SIM card. At 15 to 20 pounds, you will get an internet SIM card for one to seven days of running.

The heritage of England is Dover port.

Dover Port is the oldest passenger seaport in the world.

I left the airport with my cousin. I am going 110 km away from Kent towards Harbert. London is one of the most beautiful cities in England. I will return to London with my cousin in two days. Then, we approached the beautiful highway of London.

After landing in Dover, my cousins brought me to see this fort by the sea before sunset. This fort is a Roman fort, and its location is in Reculver, near the sea. Now I’m basically in a rural area next to Haran Bay, looking at the ruins of St. Mary’s Charles in Reculver. The church was converted into a third-century Roman fortress 1,400 years ago, and renovations continued 1,200 years ago. Over the last 1800s, coastal erosion has been taking place in the area. The sea has submerged half of the church wall. In the afternoon, I sat on the beach and watched the sun go down.

The history of the war with the British spans over two thousand years, with Celtic settlements once inhabiting the region, about which we found very little in history. The Romans conquered this region and controlled it for about 400 years—their contributions to big cities like London and New York. Till now, London is one of the best cities in England for traveling. The sudden departure of the Romans from this region of Britannia led to a power struggle between the bloodthirsty jute, angles, and Saxons of Northeast Germany.

The union of the two Angles-Saxons formed the Anglo-Saxon culture. Their territory gradually came to be called England. Anglo-Saxons The ancient Britannia people were cornered in their own country and named their area weylass now wales which means people outside or abroad. English became the language of England and the Old English of that period was the language of the Vicans for a long time. Anglo Saxons united the whole of England and established the kingdom. At one point in 1066, William the Conqueror crossed the English Channel from the Narmada region of France. He conquered parts of England and Wales, and then the Anglo Saxons became the ruling people and the Friends the ruling group.

I will try to say a bit about the British in the next episodes. We are now going back to the main trip. I am starting the journey from the next day.

Windmill Road and Yellow Mustard fields in Kent are the best places to visit.

The next day we set out on a tour of Bromfield’s countryside along Windmill Road in Harbert. You will find some of the best places to visit in the UK here. The landscape scene is like a dream. The mill is more than three hundred years old. However, there was a 600-year-old mill in its place around 1800.

You will see Horizon-wide mustard fields. Especially in the Kent region. People cultivate Rye mustard in many parts of England. But Kent is called the Garden of England. Where one gets one crop in one season. Welcome to Garden City, Kent, England. Today I came to see the mustard fields on the horizon and just mustard fields for miles around me. The atmosphere is a bit cold here, which is why I had to wear warm clothes. If you visit England in late April or the whole month of April, you will see such fantastic mustard fields. I found these mustard fields one of the nicest places to visit near me. 

The mustard field here is a scene, but our country is also slightly different from the area. For example, there are mustard fields on the slopes of the hills. These look like mustard or mustard, but these are rye mustard, the rapeseed. As mustard oil is made of mustard, rapeseed oil is made from rye mustard. Although these are used in factories or for fuel, they have proved to be very useful in cooking, but they are more useful in frying. Many people confuse rye oil with mustard oil and canola oil, but each of these is different.

But rye mustard is planted mile after mile. Of course, I have also heard of oil mustard or wild mustard. It’s charming to be here. I don’t want to go. But I have less time, so I am going out to another destination. You will see many bees here because of the mustard flowers. They come in natural ways. Here you will find honey collected naturally.

Enjoy the Dover channel and the English Channel in one place

Dover channel with the English Channel I came from the west to watch Whitecrop of Dover. I was sitting at the top, overlooking a sinkhole of the busiest passenger ports in the world below. On one side of the 13-kilometer White Greve, the English Channel rises in the North Sea. About 63 years ago today, Brozen Das became the first Asian to use the English Channel and set a world record by doing it six times in 3 years. The minimum width of the English Channel is 34 km.

It’s getting light in the afternoon. I’m taking off my hoodie and walking now. The place around Dover Port is called Dover White Clip. This beautiful sea has merged with the White Clip. This junction is very beautiful, and the port of Dover Port can be seen on the other side.

Impossibly beautiful this white clip, many such clips in England you can see the dry mountain dam.

But coastal erosion has plagued England for a long time, and the Dover White Clip has sunk parts of the oceans, one of which happened in 2021.

The historical freestanding clock tower in England

I came to see Dobar Castle in a 5-minute drive from White Clip, but I am not entering the Greater Castle of England because I have to return to London today. My mind said once I got inside, I would never be able to go out again in the afternoon. That is why I’m not getting inside the castle. The next time I will take you inside the castle. London also has many beautiful places to visit. If you are on a 7 or 8 days trip, you must make a list of the best places to visit near London. It will make your trip memorable and comfortable too.

William the Conqueror conquered England and laid the foundations of the fort 1000 years ago. 

Leaving lunch today, I went for a walk with my sister and nephew in the middle of Hunt’s Castle Park, a historic small town. First, I walked in Hunt’s Memorial Park, wearing the locals surrounded by lakes, playgrounds, and gardens. Then I saw scenes of ordinary life.

I have paid homage to the martyrs of the 1st World War in the stone monument.

The world’s first purpose-built free-standing clock tower. It is one of the UK’s greatest Restricted buildings, which means they will give maximum effort not to break it. Still, the Great One Restricted Building is of paramount importance.

Walking along the Coastal Walk on the North Sea shore, near the historic town of Hunt on Victoria, the population is growing.

At one time, the region was at the top of the list of leisure people. However, the importance of Hunt to domestic tourists has diminished since the introduction of foreign travel. It stands in its place with a tradition of hundreds of years. After spending the afternoon, we will leave for London. see you in the next part

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