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Formation of Great Britain and the United Kingdom

Great Britain is a middle country consisting of Northern Ireland and some islands. The island region of Great Britain consists of three main states. England, Scotland, and Wales. The island of Ireland, on the other side, consists of two states. Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. Which can be directly called Ireland. Then the rulers started enlarging the map of Great Britain and formed the United Kingdom. In this part we have travelled from London to Scotland.

London to Scotland

In 1776, England, Scotland and Wales merged to form Great Britain. And in 1801, the whole of Ireland formed the United Kingdom across the island. However, shortly after World War I, a part of Ireland gained independence. At present, under the Great Britain flag or the United Kingdom as four different countries or states. Who has different capitals, cultures, and regimes? Again, the United Kingdom, which has been formed altogether, is also a sovereign state with a central capital, governance, currency, and administrative infrastructure. 

Traveling London to Edinburgh, Scotland

Today we are going to Scotland; a country included in the United Kingdom. We Book our Economy Class return tickets from London to Edinburgh, the capital city of Scotland. The cost was just 75 pounds per person for the London to Edinburgh flights.

Edinburgh Airport

In about an hour’s flight, we will cover a distance of about 500 km. There will be a combination of blue and green on the journey. London to Edinburgh trains is also available. If you have enough time, you can travel by train. There are 41 direct trains from London to Edinburgh each day. Train tickets are more reasonable than flights, starting from £27.00 only.

The Edinburgh Airport

We got off at Edinburgh Airport in Scotland.  Edinburgh Airport is the busiest here and is located in the Ingliston area of Edinburgh, Scotland. It was also the sixth-busiest airport in the United Kingdom by total passengers. An hour passed in the blink of an eye, and we were at the Edinburgh airport arrival. The small base opened in 1916. It has one runway and one passenger terminal and employs about 2,500 people.

The Weather in Edinburgh 

The Weather in Edinburgh is so cold. My younger brother Was so scared of the winter in Scotland that he stayed in London. He did not come with us despite cutting the flight ticket. But to us this time, Scotland did not seem so cold. The coldest months of the year are January and February, with average lows of 33.8°F (1°C) and highs that rarely exceed 44.6°F (7°C). It can be gusty at times, and we do occasionally get snow which makes the city look even more magical.

Cold Weather in Edinburgh

I suggest two or three facts about traveling to Scotland. After we arrived, we finished eating and drinking and went for a walk. 

Werblin Train Station

We were going to the city center by renting a taxi from the airport. The rent is about 35 pounds. South Side Guesthouse on New Intent Road, just 1 mile from the central railway station, in a trendy area of the city. When we had a one-night booking, each room costs 80 pounds. Accompanied by a special British breakfast. We spent a long time at their popular Weberlin train station. Then we had a problem.  

Werblin Train Station

We found out that people can rent a car here. It was our wish that my father would drive a car and we would rent a car and go for a walk in the countryside of Scotland. But their rule was that the driver had to have a driver’s license and pay with a credit card of his own. They will not accept any payment other than a credit card. At that moment, for some reason, my father’s credit card was not working. Again, the license I had was the local license of Bangladesh. So we couldn’t rent the car despite our best wishes. We didn’t even know about any alternative method then. Remember, you must keep your credit card running. Try to check out the rules for entering Scotland on the UK official website. 

I had a habit of taking family trips somewhere and capturing our family moments on our cameras. In that regard, I will share all the information I have about Scotland. So this part may not be too long. 

The Virgin Train in Edinburgh Old Town

Then I was standing in the central courtyard of Edinburgh Old Town. Visitors pack the Old Town, a bustling area of centuries-old buildings and narrow alleys. At its heart, perched on an extinct volcano, Edinburgh Castle is home to Scotland’s crown jewels. Below is Weberlin train station. In front of it is the National Records of Scotland. The next day I boarded the Virgin Train, looking to get to the countryside of Sterling. Virgin Train Tickets are available on their website. Along the High Street, we head to Edinburgh Castle to enjoy the environment. At sunny noon, the temperature is about 12/14 degrees. So the winter looked very sweet to us.

Victoria Street

Edinburgh Castle Royal Fort

We spent some time outside the Edinburgh Fortress. In Scotland, we did not come up with a long travel list. The main purpose was to relax and enjoy the environment in two or four places. We bought 17 pounds of Edinburgh castle tickets per person and entered the fort. Edinburgh Castle is one of the few forts in the world to withstand the most attacks in its eleven-hundred-year history. It stands on Castle Rock, which humans have occupied since at least the Iron Age.

Edinburgh Castle Royal Fort

Once upon a time, there was a royal fort, later a fort. Now basically a tourist destination. Many vital battles have also been fought from here. The fort ranks among the top 5 popular attractions in the UK. We walked around like ourselves for an hour in this massive fort and saw the city from above. 

The Beautiful Meadow

After that, a lovely area we saw was Meadow next to the University of Edinburgh. A meadow is an open habitat, or field, vegetated by grasses, herbs, and other non-woody plants. Trees or shrubs may be sparsely populated meadows, as long as these areas maintain an open character where we sat for three or four hours during the May cherry blossom season until sunset.


Meadow brown butterflies are one of the main attractions here. You will see millions of brown butterflies in the cherry blossom season. They collect honey from wildflowers in the Meadow. There is also a park here, namely meadow park, in Edinburgh. 

When the temperature was slowly dropping below 6/7 degrees in the evening, we left for the hotel room.

Visiting a Village near Sterling

The following day after breakfast at the hotel, I got on the Virgin train and started to Sterling. We asked the helper at Waverley Station, where nearby villages, to return within five or six hours. Among the places he suggested, we go to Google Maps and choose Stirling. A one-way ticket of about 8.5 pounds per person and a 50-minute ride.

Village in Sterling

Scotland is an excellent example of green in Europe. A pleasant train journey amid pure nature. Tourism is a popular feature in almost every country on the continent. A half-hour taxi ride, about 25 kilometers from Stirling Station to a small rural town called Callander. One way fare is 40 pounds by taxi. Let me tell you; we will enter the Scottish Highlands in another hour and a half. Since the time on hand is about 6 hours, we have to catch the flight again in the afternoon. So we are not going too far. Because I want to make a tidy 2/4 hour peace at the destination, we will spend time looking at some of the beautiful countryside mountain scenery as pictured. 

Returning to London

Everyone in the family was tired. We arrived in Edinburgh again in the afternoon to catch a flight. We came back in the same style. The destination is now the airport. 

We landed at London’s Heathrow Airport. London travel rules, I said in the previous four parts, so I will tell the story of returning to Dhaka. Heathrow Airport is excellent and a little different from the other airports in the world. Starting from Qatar, many countries will see the airport being built in the shape of a tourist center. As if you need to spend a little extra time wandering around there. Those countries have economic dependence on airport trade. But Heathrow Airport seems to be pointing to a flight as soon as possible. 

We cut our return ticket by Turkish Airlines. Transit to Istanbul, change flight and return to Dhaka. The food on the plane was water, tea, coffee, juice, bread, butter, rice, and chicken.

Istanbul is four hours away from London, and Dhaka is eight hours away from there by air. 

We have seen beautiful Bangladesh from above. We landed in Dhaka. Hope you enjoyed our whole UK trip. From the very beginning to know the details, please read the writings in chronological order from first to last. 

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