The 30 best cities in England | Piccadilly Roundabout to British Museum

The 30 best cities in England | Piccadilly Roundabout to British Museum


Places of Interest in London

It is impossible to say or read without seeing all the wonders and places of interest in London. Traveling to London with your family is a different kind of adventure. To our surprise, we saw a lot of things there. It’s an excellent stage for a trip to London. Today we will visit Piccadilly Roundabout to British Museum.

Yesterday we reminisced about Harry Potter, then we had our Friday prayers at the Central Mosque in London, walked in Regent’s Park, and drove around Central London on the bus. London Dungeons panicked for a while and then sailed on the River Thames. Then in the evening, I arrived at Piccadilly Circus. I am starting my journey today from Piccadilly Circus.

Traversing around Piccadilly Roundabout

This Piccadilly Roundabout was built in 1819. It is a roundabout with too many surrounding areas. Now it is acting as a direct 6 street bend. From the beginning of this roundabout, the atmosphere here is quite vibrant. In London, of course you can put this Piccadilly region on your travel list.

Piccadilly Circus station is one of the busiest places because of the 6 street bend roundabout. The Metrorail has gone through the bottom of the roundabout. Since it is the centerpiece of the shopping, theater, hangout story, you can enjoy watching street artists perform here after spending time next to the century-old fountain here. After hanging around Piccadilly, we moved towards Leicester Square. It is just a 5-minute walk from Piccadilly.

Leicester Square and Its famous restaurants  

We reached Leicester Square after a 5-minute walk. The area has been famous for food, shopping, and entertainment since 1670. There are many hotels there. If you want you can stay in the hotel. You will find different items and nationwide foods also. Leicester Square restaurants are famous around London. Then we crossed the Kings Cross Central Exchange and reached Liverpool Street Station, Following the Piccadilly Line. Since we will do the train interchange here for ST Paul’s, I thought this gap is a little twisted for looking around. 

Yesterday we showed you the historic Kings Cross Station. This time we are going to another historical station. This station has been providing metro and rail services for almost 126 years. The name of the station is Liverpool Street Station.

The Historic St. Paul’s Cathedral

We arrived in front of St. Paul’s at around 10 pm. There was a silent atmosphere. It is open daily from 12 noon to 4 pm. It is closed on Sunday. Adults have to pay 17 to 20 pounds to enter St. Paul’s. Costs are slightly lower for students and children. You can visit their website to know about the ticket price. St. Paul’s Cathedral is one of the most beautiful structures in London.

This 1400-year-old installation has been repeatedly renovated. It was rebuilt for the fifth time after the 1666 fire, standing like this since 1710. Be careful not to take any video inside St. Paul’s. However, you will get a 360 tour of St. Paul’s on the BBC channel. My brother and I climbed the 368-foot dome installation up 528 steps. Climbing to the top of the dome, you can capture video using the camera.

Queen Victoria and St Paul’s Cathedral Facts

The soul of London is like this St. Paul’s. One hundred thirty years ago, an installation created obstacles to its vision. Then, Queen Victoria set the maximum height of the building in London at 100 feet. Although there are no rules now, the administrative structures in London and the surrounding St. Paul’s are built to be seen without any hindrance. So it is not possible to construct high buildings in some areas. Again, in fact of St. Paul’s Cathedral, some of the buildings have been curved to avoid visual blockage of St. Paul’s. 

Queen Victoria, the victorious ruler of the world’s largest empire, has died in loneliness. The reign of Queen Victoria has left its mark on a large section of the world’s population. The US presidency is still sitting at the table provided by Queen Victoria. We also have a memorial in the name of Queen Victoria in Kolkata, India. 

Street Art of London

London is a city of sports, art, and fun. We Watched magic and reunions with family in the South Bank area. We saw gymnastic artists and their art, music, painting artists, and so on. People were enjoying their shows. The historic Black Cabe has a passenger capacity of five. To be the driver of this vehicle is to test patience and memory.

On the other hand, it costs about fifteen hundred takas to go up to five kilometers by Ubar. I saw someone drawing flags of different countries for money. Here many people are drawing the flags of their respective countries. I took some money and bought the flag of Bangladesh. This artist Memorizes the flags of many nations. 

Visiting the British Museum

The British Museum is a public institution dedicated to human history, art, and culture located in the Bloomsbury area of London. This British Museum is so large that its exhibition runs over about 18 and a half acres. Of the 8 million items here, among them, about 80,000 can display together. So the show changes from time to time. Much of what is on display at this British Museum is highly criticized around the world. 

Hintze Hall of the Natural History Museum

Then I went to see the Hintze Hall of the Natural History Museum. It is also a huge museum. You see fossils of many animals, starting from dinosaurs here. The exciting thing is, you can rent this natural history museum for weddings or any private events. It takes a long time to see plants, insects, and minerals. The skeleton of the 82.5 feet long blue whale in the central hall caught our attention. The blue whale was killed and sold by a fisherman in a port in Ireland in 1891. After exchanging hands, it reached the museum.


It would help if you remembered what I said about The Shard in the previous articles of this article. We are using our London Pass to enter this building. It would have cost us about 32pounds if we had bought tickets separately without purchasing a pass. Waiting from the afternoon to see the city illuminated in the evening.

Many people ask, how tall is the Shard? The height of the Shard is 1017 feet, although it was about to be about 1300 feet. Its width has also been slightly reduced. The main reason behind this is St. Paul’s. We saw London in the evening from a height of about 800 feet. It was the 68th and 69th floor of the Shard. By train and bus, we toured this city like a wheel. 

Tower of London and Kohinoor diamond

We entered the Tower of London along Tower Bridge. After the conquest of England by William the Conqueror in 1066, he ordered the construction of this fort. Govt. is still using it as a royal fort. However, the main attraction here is the many crowns and gems. While visiting, the Tower of London map will be helpful, and you can check that on the internet.

You can see these in person, but you can’t take any pictures or videos. You can look at the images by searching on the internet. Here you can see the famous Kohinoor diamond. For thousands of years, many people have been imprisoned and murdered in this Tower of London, Queen Elizabeth was also imprisoned here. And the ruler killed her mother here. Also, many more abusive stories have happened here. 

Tower of London Poppies and Ice Rink

Poppies in the Tower of London was one of the most attractive views near the Tower of London. Ceramic poppies progressively filled the Tower’s famous moat between 17 July and 11 November 2014. After that, all of the poppies made up the installation were sold, raising millions of pounds shared equally amongst six service charities. In winter, another attraction is the Tower of London ice rink. When the ground is cover with ice in December, you can skate on the ice here. Skate London’s most iconic Ice Rink in the heart of London. Nestled in the moat of the Tower of London, beside the great wall, there is no more spectacular backdrop. If you travel in December, hopefully, you may see and enjoy Skating.

We learned a lot from the beginning of writing. These included the Central Mosque, Regent’s Park, Piccadilly Circus, and more. Then we saw the Victoria Albert Museum. It is the world’s largest museum of applied art design and decorative art. Thousands of years old art you will find here. It is named after Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. 

We also visited the Buckingham Palace area. We went there to enter the Queen’s Gallery under the London pass. These passes were very helpful. But unfortunately, it was close the day we went. Thus my journey from one station to another and from one area to another ended my trip to London. we will catch you in the last part

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